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Civil War & Living History

Listen closely, and you will hear the echoes of the past. The footfalls of hooves. The creaks of wagon wheels. Feet marching cadence to the drumbeat of war. Steam whistles and chugs of locomotives.

Great herds of buffalo beat this east-west path across the Appalachians. Shawnee dragged captive Mary Draper Ingles across parts of it.  George Washington and Andrew Lewis first surveyed and owned it. Daniel Boone hiked it.  Stagecoaches rumbled over it and soldiers burnt its bridges. Booker T. Washington walked it. Collis P. Huntington’s railroad passed through the New River Gorge, leaving it in the dust until the automobile revived a need for it. Generations of ghosts haunt every mile of the Midland Trail. It is the scene of over 200 years of exploration, conquest, and American industrial history.

Click here for a pdf map to all Midland Trail historic sites and here for a west-to-east pdf itinerary of sites.

Civil War Reenactments

Putnam County Civil War Days: Encampment and reenactment of the Battle of Scary Creek and the skirmish of Hurricane Creek Bridge. Includes Lantern Tour on Friday night and Grand Ball on Saturday night. Last weekend of March.
Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park: Each odd numbered year. September 2011.
Lewisburg - Battle of Lewisburg: Civil War Living History and Reenactments. Third weekend in May.
White Sulphur Springs Battle of Dry Creek: 3rd weekend in August at Greenbrier State Forest.
Guyandotte Days—Reenactment of Battle of Guyandotte: (East Huntington area). 1st weekend of November.
WV Civil War Trail150 on-site interpretive markers tell history of the Civil War in WV. Five-state program.

Living History

Beech Fork State Park - Mary Ingles Trail: Last weekend of September.
St. Albans - Morgan's Kitchen Frontier Days: 2nd Saturday in October.
Malden—Booker T. Washington Institute: By appointment for groups. 304-766-3326.