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Eastern Kanawha County

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Eastern Kanawha County

Daniel Boone lived in the Kanawha Valley fro 1786 to 1797, when he served in the Kanawha County Militia and as a Virginia Assembly delegate. Boone took shelter in a cave on the facing mountain and, liking what he saw, built a cabin for his family across the Kanawha River.

Daniel Boone Park
A tranquil riverside haven just on the outskirts of Charleston offers a public boat launch, fishing pier, and picnic facilities amid ducks, geese and squirrels.

Follow Kanawha Boulevard/Midland Trail east from the Capitol Complex for a spectacular view of the Kanawha River.


Malden, the boyhood home of Booker T. Washington, is a must-see Historic Village. Hale House, the taupe and purple trim Federal-style home (ca. 1838) was built by Dr. John Hale, a 19th century historian, Renaissance man, and great-grandson of Mary Ingles. Mary Ingles, mother of the first Caucasian child born west of the Alleghenies, is immortalized in the book Follow the River. She used the Ohio, Kanawha, and New Rivers to retrace her way home after being captured by Shawnee Indians on July 8, 1775, from her home near present-day Blacksburg, Virginia.

Malden history and points of interest available in "Walking Tour of Malden-Virginia and West Virginia" brochure and at

Norton House (1840)
Multi-panel murals in the back dining room depict Malden history. Jordan collection from African-American Family Tree Museum, Sketches of WV State University by Dr. R. Charles Byers.

Booker T. Washington
At age nine, as a recently freed slave, Booker T. Washington walked with his mother to Malden from the Burroughs' Plantation in Virginia. Washington recounts his days in Malden in Up From Slavery, first as a growing boy who was encouraged by Viola Ruffner to learn to read, then after college graduation when he lived here and traveled the new state of West Virginia to advocate moving the capital from Wheeling to Charleston.

Replica of Booker T. Washington's Boyhood Cabin and the African Zion Baptist Church (ca. 1872), West Virginia's oldest African-American Baptist Church, where Washington taught Sunday School. Tours and reenactments, call The Booker T. Washington Institute of WV State University at 304.766.4186.

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