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Towns & Attractions

Midland Trail / US Route 60 extends 180+ miles border to border across WV, through 41 towns and communities. You can start with a full listing of towns and attractions, use the trail section links to explore a particular area or select a specific town from the "Jump to Town/Mile Marker." Enjoy your digital tours!
Greenbrier County Fayette County Kanawha County Putnam County Cabell County Wayne County

Trail Sections

The Midland Trail is divided into three sections.  To make it easier to find the towns and attractions that might interest you the most during your trip to West Virginia, you can use these sections to filter your search results.  Or, you can simply view all towns and attractions and filter by location, direction of travel, activities of interest and more.

Advantage Valley and the State Capitol
Recreation Center
Refined Pastoral East

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Refined Pastoral East Recreation Center Advantage Valley and the State Capitol

Advantage Valley & The State Capitol (Our Industrial West)

The western bookend of the Midland Trail is the Ohio River which creates the western border of WV near Kenova and Huntington. Continuing eastward through our fastest growing areas and Charleston, our capital city, this 80+ mile section of the Trail is becoming known as Advantage Valley. Along the way, Route 60 passes through the Great Kanawha River Valley, where the nation’s industrial past and present are celebrated in coal tipples, old salt works, chemical plants, locks and dams, mines and company towns, electrical power plants, roads, bridges and the passage to the Ohio River.

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Recreation Center (Fayette County & Area)

In the center, the Midland Trail passes over West Virginia’s most beautiful and rugged mountain terrain. Fayette County, the Trail’s recreational center, provides physical activities from the mild to the wild—fishing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and rock-climbing—draws visitors from around the world. This region’s pristine vistas and breathtaking natural beauty are worth a Trail-hop alone. At Hico, US19 intersects the Trail, providing access to even more adventure.

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Refined Pastoral East (Greenbrier County & Area)

To the east, mountains melt into the Greenbrier Valley’s broad, verdant fields and karst (limestone) topography. The Trail’s rural east, Greenbrier County, presents the pastoral picture of piedmont farmland, unhurried life, Civil War sites, and quaint towns, such as Lewisburg, where historical preservation amid genteel country living is a way of life. The Virginia state border provides the eastern bookend of the Trail.

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