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An Illustrated History

Across the next few years, visitors will begin to enjoy the Midland Trail Murals Public Art Project. Up to thirty pieces of original art are being commissioned to depict 25 centuries of history and to create roadside mural exhibits across the entire byway. An accompanying book, Midland Trail - A Pictorial History will educate students and visitors. When completed, be sure to travel the entire byway and see all our great works of art!

Cedar Grove Boatyards by Bruce Erikson depicts the bustling boat yards built by the William Morris family. In 1790, Cedar Grove wat the terminus of the Midland Trail and all further westward travel was conducted by boat.

Laid to Rest by Beth Crowder shares a funeral at the slave cemetery at Virginia's Chapel in Cedar Grove. Families gather in the evening to mourn their loved one. The church was built in 1853 by William Tompkins as a gift for his daughter Virginia.

Burning of the Bridge Over the Gauley by William Gura shows the plight of Civil War soldiers retreating from the Kanawha Valley, burning the Gauley Bridge for the final time behind them to slow down pursuit.

Capitol Ablaze by Rob Cleland depicts the 1921 burning of the WV State Capitol Building, located on Capitol Street in Charleston.