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Task Forces

Proposed Initial Task Forces
First Draft prepared 4-14-02

Membership Community Coordinators
Building membership and Partners along the Trail and in our Gateway counties is number one priority for the Association now. One or two volunteers Community Coordinators are needed in each county and  major town to contact business and community leaders and local organizations to tell the Midland Trail story. The organizational meeting of this task force is tentatively scheduled for Friday May 17th in the Charleston office.

CMP Western Extension Task Force
MTSHA has opted to revise its own Corridor Management Plan to include the western extension of the Trail. This task force will be involved in cooridating community and individual meetings for the purpose of getting input on the CMP; identifying intrinsic qualities; identifying individuals knowledgeable on local history and attractions; and oversee the preparation and evaluation of the Plan.  This entire process will take 18-24 months.

Communication, Events Coordinator and Newsletter Task Force
Writers needed!!! Info wanted!!! This will be the year MTSHA gets its communication system on track. With our newly redesigned website and a regular newsletter members and travelers and Welcome Centers will know what is going on along the Trail and within the Association. Of course budget constraints require that this be handled by volunteers. The Events Coordinator will be a volunteer position charged with gathering and  compiling information about events along the Trail and prepare a calendar for the newsletter and website. The Communication Coordinators will identify and prepare for the newsletter and website articles of Trail-wide interest. Volunteers on this task force need access to email and the web.

Public Relations, Marketing and Promotion Task Force
Task Force will look for ways to promote the Trail and build Midland Trail name recognition by identifying and  create opportunities to gain free press; partner the Trail on Events; coordinate volunteers to man booths at festivals, trade shows and other events. Events Coordinator  will also serve on this task force

Historical Sites and Properties Task Force
Task Force will identify historic properties and points of historic interest and work with the Director to develop a uniform plan for attracting tourists to the sites, including but not limited to Museums, Historical homes, churches, and cemeteries; Afro-American sites; and Civil and Revolutionary War sites.

Artists and Artisans Task Force
This task force will identify artisans and artists who live or work on or near the Midland  Trail and work with the Director to develop a plan for promoting the arts.

Scenic and Environmental Task Force
Task Force will identify points of scenic interest and work with the Director to develop a uniform plan for attracting tourists to the sites. Task Force will also keep the Association apprised of environmental issues facing the Trail

Government and Community Relations Task Force
Task force will work closely with identify community organizations and business and government leaders with common goals and look for ways to partner on projects

Enhancing the Visitor Experience Task Force
Task Force will develop a uniform plan for  Welcome Centers, hospitality, signage and look for resources to develop same.

Natural, Cultural, Archeological Intrinsic Qualities Task Force
Identify Natural, Cultural, Archeological Intrinsic qualities and develop a uniform plan for attracting visitors to the sites. Industrial Heritage, the South Charleston Mound and Native American sites will fall under this task force.