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Commissioning up to 30 Historic Illustrations

The Midland Trail National Scenic Byway will be Commissioning up to 30 Historic Illustrations. Several have already been commissioned, and we will be commissioning the next round of illustrations in the coming weeks.

Who We Are
Formed in 1988 as volunteer non-profit heritage preservation and economic development organization, the Midland Trail Scenic Highway Association is dedicated to enhancement of the Trail for those who work, live, and visit here, now and for the future. Small towns, villages, businesses, and those interested in preserving history and the natural beauty along old U.S. Route 60 comprise our 300+ members and supporters.

Overview of the Project
This project begins with the commissioning of up to 30 illustrations to depict 21 centuries of Appalachian history. The illustrations will be used to create roadside exhibits across the entire Midland Trail and to create a booklet to educate students and visitors, working title Midland Trail - An Illustrated History. The subject material will be broad and varied, but will mainly deal with the human experience of the region.

A selection board, made up of individuals with professional experience in the arts and or history, will choose the illustrators/artists. After selecting the top qualified illustrators/artists, the board will then assign specific themes to individual artists. Who does which illustration is determined by the qualifications, experience, and specialization of the artist as judged by the board. However, specific requests will be considered.

After being commissioned, the selected artists will receive detailed instructions and help from professional historians as to the accurate details of the events to be illustrated. We hope that the individual artists will make themselves experts on their assigned themes. We welcome creativity and originality on the part of the artist. A minimum of one detailed sketch will be required in order to verify historic accuracy and consistency of composition and style. Once the sketch is approved, the artist will be given two months to complete his or her illustration. Artist must be willing to adhere closely to the direction of the historians and the board.

Once the illustrations are finished and approved, it is intended that they will be digitally captured and reproduced on outdoor displays, and used in a planned publication, Midland Trail - An Illustrated History, and in other promotional materials and products, as desired. As proposed, the outdoor displays will produce the artwork in high-resolution format 225% larger than the original pieces. At the end of the project, all illustrations will be available for display. Artists will receive recognition as part of the publicity campaign for the project and are invited to sign their original work. Midland Trail retains the full ownership and copyright to all the commissioned illustrations.

Qualifications & Requirements to Apply
The Artist/illustrator must have experience in the pre-designated mediums. He/she must have the ability to accurately render the human form in a realistic style. It is also imperative that the individuals applying are willing to take direction in their efforts to represent historical events in ways that are easily understood by all.

The applicants will need to submit a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 examples of their work. The acceptable formats are:
  • Digital .jpg. Smallest side width or length 8", 300 dpi. (Size can be larger)
  • Photo paper 8.5" / 11", Image should fill the sheet, 300 dpi. (Size can be larger)
  • Referencing to web sites and/or blogs is not acceptable.


The applicant will also need to submit written information in regards to:
  • Experience and related background
  • Personal specialization or expertise
  • Availability
  • References if available
  • Any information that you feel is pertinent


Please be brief. No images received by the Midland Trail will be used for any purpose except selecting the artist to be commissioned by our organization. No hard copies of artist’s work will be returned.

Format & Medium
Large illustrations will be done on and fill a 30" x 40" illustration board. The size of other smaller illustrations will be determined at the time of commission.

For the sake of the consistency of the overall project, only watercolor, tempera, or pre-approved mediums will be allowed. The style will be realistic in dimension and realistic in color tone. Greater detail and explanation will be offered to selected applicants.

For large illustrations, artists will receive a maximum of $1,500 stipend at the conclusion of their individual work. Smaller illustrations will be less. Some subject material is of a more challenging nature and will therefore be compensated accordingly. The exact compensation will be agreed upon by both the selection board and the illustrator prior to work commencing. As mentioned earlier, final payment is dependant upon:

1) The final illustration’s accurate representation of the original board approved drawings
2) Adhering closely to the pre-designated style
3) Adhering closely to the pre-selected medium

We plan to be reasonable; however, all selected illustrators must understand and agree to produce work in close compliance and cooperation with the instructions and direction of both the staff historians and the selection board. Failure to cooperate, comply with, or take direction from the board will result in the illustrator’s dismissal without any compensation. Any potential problems/misunderstandings can be prevented with good communication. We will be readily available to answer questions, help with information, or troubleshoot problems.

Midland Trail Scenic Highway Association, Inc. will retain full ownership of the finished works of art and be able to replicate them in whatever manner they desire without further compensation to the artist. If you have read this document and still have questions, please give us a call. (Ask for Kathy)

Deadline for submissions for the next round of illustrations is October 30, 2012.

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